Why Keyword Stuffing is Bad for SEO

Many years ago, SEO technicians would implement practices like keyword stuffing into their campaigns with successful results. After all, the search engines were not yet equipped with the technology to prevent them from allowing websites to rise the ranks unethically in the SERPs. Keyword stuffing is the implementation of a large number of keywords into the content on a website and its Meta Tags in order to manipulate the search engine to improve a site’s rank. Read on as we explain why it should be avoided at all costs…

Black-Hat SEO

As a reference to old western movies where the bad guys would wear black cowboy hats, black-hat SEO is the implementation of unethical methods that manipulate the search engine into increasing a website’s ranking in the SERPs. Keyword stuffing is a black-hat technique because the use of too many keywords goes against the guidelines of the search engine by attempting to maximise a website’s visibility and organic referrals.

User Experience

Content was once crafted with only the search engine in mind and the user was merely seen as an afterthought. Over the years, Google has become more adept in a bid to ensure that users are being provided with high-quality and relevant results. Keyword stuffing is unethical because repeating a keyword too many times can make content illegible and difficult to read. After all, they are often forced into place and tend not to flow very well. User experience is an important part of modern-day SEO which means that content should always be crafted with the user as a priority.

Google Algorithms

Panda and Penguin are two of the main algorithms that Google uses in order to weed out unethical SEO campaigns, and they manage to spot black-hat methods like keyword stuffing very easily. After all, it is classed as spam because it affects the way that a user is able to interact with a site and the content that is found on it. Any website that is found to be implementing keyword stuffing is often penalised in the SERPs, or the content may even be removed from the search listings completely.

Here at SEO Enterprise, our campaigns are carried out with ethical values in mind which is why we only implement white-hat techniques and practices. After all, black-hat methods like keyword stuffing are now highlighted by the search engine almost immediately which means they can have a devastating impact on the ranking of a site in the SERPs. For all your SEO Perth needs, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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