The Lowdown on Black-Hat SEO

Although it may seem like a relatively new approach, search engine optimisation has been around for at least three decades and is considered one of the most effective marketing industries on the market. With this said, there is a dark side to the industry that manages to sway a small number of technicians with the promise of fast results for a fraction of the time and effort. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about black-hat SEO…

What is black-hat SEO?

Every single search engine has algorithms in place that assess the quality of a website and ensure that it is ranked accordingly in the search results. These algorithms are like a set of guidelines for marketers to follow to ensure that they utilise the most effective and ethical methods in order to raise the ranking of a site organically. With this said, some technicians within SEO will opt for practices that go against the algorithms in order to manipulate the search engine into raising the rank of a site in the SERPs, and this is known as black-hat SEO.

Which techniques are considered black-hat?

Although it should be avoided at all costs, black-hat SEO could almost be considered an industry of its own because some marketers continue to utilise some of the techniques that it is known for, such as keyword stuffing, link farms and cloaking. At the very start of the SEO industry, these methods were used by almost every single technician, however several decades worth of development has allowed search engines to see the manipulation involved in using them and the lack of relevance that pages ranked using these techniques provide.

Why does Google penalise unethical campaigns?

Google is considered the most popular search engine on the web and it has managed to develop a core algorithm that can detect the use of black-hat SEO almost automatically. In fact, there is a lot of focus on quality, reliability and relevance within the SEO industry which means that these websites will be penalised almost immediately in order to ensure that users are provided with the best results possible. After all, black-hat SEO relies on manipulating the search engine and user in order to generate results which is both unethical and unreliable.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we place a lot of emphasis on ethics within our campaigns in order to ensure that we provide our clients with reliable results. After all, black-hat SEO should never be implemented by respectable technicians as it will eventually lead to serious penalisations in the SERPs and may be difficult to be recover from. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO in Perth and speak to a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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