The Difference Between Desktop and Mobile SERPs

When users search for a keyword using a search engine, they are presented with a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) which contains a ranked list of what has been determined to be the very best websites for the intended phrase. With this said, these listing can change considerably depending on the device that the user is searching on. Read on as we go over three differences between desktop and mobile SERPs…

Ranking Deviations

The most obvious difference between desktop and mobile Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is the position that a website may hold. After all, there are a lot of deviations in the rank of a website depending on the device that it is being viewed on, even when the exact same keyword and location is utilised. In fact, research suggests that just 13% of websites will retain the exact same position on both desktop and mobile SERPs.

Colloquial Keywords

People tend to browse the web differently depending on the device that they are utilising. For instance, many smartphone users will use colloquial phrases rather than industry terminology for ease because their display is much smaller. In addition to this, it is not uncommon for the search queries to be worded as questions. On the other hand, desktop users tend to use specific keywords because the interface is much larger. Ultimately, this can influence the SERPs that a user is provided with and where a website will rank within them.


Although a website will obtain organic traffic when a site is found through a particular keyword regardless of whether or not the user is utilising a desktop or smartphone device, it is important to ensure that marketing efforts take mobile optimisation into consideration. After all, a site that is not compatible with smartphones won’t be displayed favourably in the SERPs and this can reduce the amount of organic referrals it obtains overtime.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we run each of our campaigns ethically in order to provide every client with a Return on Investment (ROI) they can trust. As a result, we dedicate a lot of time to education because many clients tend to find SEO jargon confusing and this can lead to several misunderstandings. After all, the way that the SERPs are displayed in desktop and mobile can differ considerably. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO Perth has to offer and speak to a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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