Organic Search v Paid Search

‘Google it’ – how many times have you heard someone say those words in the past day, week, month? Chances are you’ve probably thought it or done it once today already. Search engines have well and truly changed the way we live our lives. With the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo at our fingertips, no matter where we are, we have access to instant information like never before.

It isn’t just information we glean from search engines. We also use them to find places to eat, train times, addresses, services, things to do and so much more. Basically, our lives revolve around the ability to search for anything we need, quickly and easily.

Therefore, it is important that your business ranks well on search engines so that people can find it. Most Google searches bring up millions of hits, resulting in thousands upon thousands of pages of results. Rarely do we go past the first page when we perform a search. This has led to the importance of SEO and PPC in a marketing campaign budget.

When you search you will be given a selection of organic and paid results. The difference between the two is in how the result found its way to the search engine. Organic results rely on SEO in their rankings whilst paid search results, or PPC, are a more direct, but costly, route to the top where businesses will pay a set cost for each person who clicks on their link, whether they go on to buy anything or not.

Which one should I use?

Both paid and organic campaigns are going to cost a business. Both approaches aren’t perfect, but they can be perfect to certain businesses, depending on what they need and what their budget is.


Whilst those with a big budget can utilise both methods in order to create a strong campaign, most will usually use one or the other. Organic search results are called so because they are discovered via search engine algorithms which analyse all pages across the web for relevant information relating to the search.

The algorithm determines which websites are the most relevant and orders them accordingly. This is why organic campaigns target specific keywords which will relate closely to the most common queries.

Most organic campaigns are done via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.) These campaigns can be led by an in-house team or via an SEO agency.


Paid search results work as ads which are paid for by each business to be placed at the very top of the SERPs. This is by far the quickest way to the top of the list, after all you are basically paying to skip the queue and have your website pinned to the very top.

The problem is that these top spots are highly coveted, and highly sought after so expect to face some stiff competition by businesses with deep marketing pockets. It isn’t just a case of those who pay the highest get the top spot either; your site still needs to be the most relevant to achieve the highest ranking, which is judged via quality score, copy rules, landing page quality and more.  

Paid ads are usually quite distinguishable from organic results as they are placed at the top of the page and are outlined with an ‘Ad’ label on them.

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