New Trends Finding Their Way Into The SEO World

New digital trends are constantly popping up and changing the way that SEO operates. We’ve seen constant updates from the likes of Google in the past aimed at identifying black hat SEO techniques and making sure that quality content is key to rankings, rather than underhand tactics. Social media influences have changed the ways that traffic can reach your site, too, and the increasing quality of websites have all played major parts in changing the SEO environment.

What is in store for SEO in the end of 2019 and beyond?

  1. AI

Every digital media platform is currently talking about Artificial Intelligence and the benefits/consequences it will bring, depending on who you ask. AI could be set to revolutionise our world – from self-driving cars to hospital diagnostics, marketing campaigns to town planning – AI could change the way we do pretty much everything.

Through machine learning, SEO tasks like reporting and data analysis can become automated into a faster and smoother process, reducing the requirements for SEO companies.

  • Voice Search

We could finally be seeing the end of the search bar thanks to the emergence of voice activated search, as we’ve seen so far with the likes of Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri. Voice search itself poses a challenge to SEO experts as it is common for voice enquiries to vary dramatically from what people tend to input into a search engine. SEO companies must find a way to optimise a site for both written and voice searches simultaneously.  

  • Visual Search

Whilst voice search is progressing quickly, there is a sub search developing alongside that, albeit at a slower rate. Visual search is a new concept which sees users conduct searches through the uploading of images and data gathered through their camera.

It is expected to be refined in the future to a point where users can snap a picture of an item and use their smartphone to search the internet for the product before placing an order.

We could be seeing trends like this start to take shape before 2019 is over, although some may be a few years away from becoming highly functional methods that SEO services will need to work around.

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