Is Direct Traffic Important?

The SEO industry is inundated with technical jargon that can leave readers and clients feeling alienated. After all, the average person does not understand the difference between organic and direct traffic. Although the majority of campaigns tend to push for the former, we have decided to use this blog to understand the ins and outs of direct traffic and the important role that it plays in an SEO campaign. Read on to find out more…

Essentially, direct traffic is obtained when Google Analytics cannot determine the source of a referral. After all, when a user visits a website from another location, such as the search engine, this place is known as the ‘referrer’ and creates what is widely known as organic traffic. In most circumstances, direct traffic comes from the user entering the website into the URL of their browser or clicking on a bookmark in order to directly access it.

With this said, new research suggests that direct traffic can also be obtained from other sources too, such as when internal employees visit a website but their IP isn’t filtered in the web analytics. In addition to this, there is a common misconception that inserting hyperlinks into email marketing efforts will obtain organic referrals, however these are actually another form of direct traffic because they aren’t being obtained from the search engine.

Despite its prevalence in search engine optimisation and other marketing methods, direct traffic has a fairly bad reputation. After all, the majority of technicians are looking for organic referrals instead as these signify that a website is gaining traction in the SERPs. Whilst it is impossible to completely eradicate direct traffic in its entirety, it can be viewed as a positive because it suggests that users recognise a company’s brand and are trying to obtain their service directly rather than taking a chance in the SERPs.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we approach our campaigns from every avenue in order to ensure that our clients are receiving the very best value for money. After all, online marketing is ambiguous in the way that it displays its results and it may take several months before the effects of an SEO campaign begin to show in the SERPs. By understanding the roles that direct and organic traffic play rather than pitting them against one another, it is possible to create long-lasting results and build a rapport with the search engine. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO in Perth today!

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