How SEO differs between big and small businesses

How different do you think the marketing campaigns are for McDonalds and your local off-license? Pretty similar or hugely different? Each business, depending in its size, will be working with a different marketing budget that dictates what they can and can’t do. Obviously, a company with the spending power of McDonalds are able to saturate every marketing medium. It is no surprise McDonalds is always on your mind, the average person sees 4-5 McDonalds adverts in some shape or form each and every day.

Although small businesses can’t advertise in so many areas as multi-national corporations can, there is still one form of marketing that every single business can benefit from – SEO. Search Engine Optimisation campaigns offer a range of services so businesses large and small are able to find a strategy that works best for them.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are usually in their infancy regarding how long they have been operating. With a tight budget, they probably have little to put into marketing and will probably have to do the majority of their SEO themselves, which can be time consuming.

Small businesses looking to dabble in SEO usually fall into two brackets; firstly, brick and mortar stores with a physical location and secondly, businesses without a physical location, usually an online ecommerce business.

Those with a physical address are usually best focusing in local SEO whilst those who are strictly online can benefit more from implementing AdWords campaigns alongside social media marketing and a content strategy.

Large Businesses

Companies with big brand names probably have the funds to utilise the entire spectrum of SEO tools available. For B2B organisations, content marketing and technical SEO are the biggest assets. As long as content is pushed effectively using social media platforms.

Large companies will tend to have an in-house SEO team these days as the importance and effectiveness of the online marketing tool grows. Some will still outsource for certain aspects from SEO companies that are highly experienced in certain areas.

These big businesses who target customers tend to have the biggest budgets to spend on marketing and building and protecting the business’ brand. For this to work, all content in the form of blog posts, social posts and page content needs to be managed closely and PR and prompt social media responses need to be performed diligently to uphold the company’s reputation.

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