Essential skills for every SEO copywriter

As Google becomes more advanced at identifying quality page content and differentiating it from bad content, SEO copywriters have had to develop their skills to improve their content writing.

There was once a time when being a passable writer was simply all it took to be able to write content for websites. Now that content is read by more savvy Google programmes and by more astute customers who have become accustomed to a better quality of writing.

Writing for SEO can sometimes be a thankful task, with some pieces of content powering a site’s SEO without being read by many real-life viewers. Therefore, it is important for writers to be able to spin mundane topics into entertaining content that people actually want to read.

What skills does the modern-day SEO copywriter need?

  1. Diverse Writing Skills

To be a great copywriter, you need to have mastery over all elements of writing – grammar, punctuation, spelling, adjectives as well as having a vast vocabulary to be able to get your point across clearly and simply.

No one is born a great writer; it takes time and practice. The more you write the better you will get, which is why the biggest copywriter positions always look to experienced copywriters who have years in the industry.

  • Curious Minds

Research is a huge part of copywriting as you will often be writing content that is out of your realm of knowledge, placing you outside your comfort zone. Therefore, copywriters have to be able to flourish outside of their comfort zone and not crumble under the pressure of the unknown.

Every subject needs to be approached with that childlike curiosity. It needs to be picked apart and questions need to be asked about every aspect of it. Only then can you write naturally about a given topic.

  • Relentless Researcher

There is no copywriter out there who hasn’t faced a writing task based around a topic that is completely new to them. Sometimes these topics can be very industry focused and if you’re writing for industry savvy readers you need to be able to write content that is relevant to them.

To do this you need to be able to do some serious research. Thanks to the glory of the internet most research will be done online, but a good copywriter must always be able to find hard copies of texts that will give them the information they need. These can come in the form of magazines, instructional pamphlets, even books from local libraries or even getting on the phone and contacting people to ask certain questions surrounding your SEO content.

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