Editorial calendars: Why you need one

If you are failing to see a significant ROI from content marketing strategies, it is important to take a look at your approach. We see a lot of organisations try to initiate their content marketing and social media marketing without any serious attempt at structuring through an editorial calendar.

Content needs to be published on a regular basis, with a clear direction and preferably with an ongoing evolution. You can simply upload random content on a weekly basis, but if you first sit down and plan a clear strategy using an editorial calendar you can structure your ideas, organise your thoughts and divide your content into appropriate segments.

Not only that, but an editorial calendar can also help with advice planning, outlining tasks and allowing others to coordinate efforts, such as synching your content releases with social media posts.

How to fill out your editorial calendar

Although there are now sophisticated editorial calendar programmes for businesses to utilise, your own calendar can be more simplistic and more suited to you and your team. Whether that be in the form of a simple white board or wall chart or through shared excel spreadsheets, an editorial calendar doesn’t have to become a complicated thing. In fact, it can be incredibly simple.

Small teams can benefit more from simple calendars than from expensive software such as CoSchedule or WordPress calendar. But for a bigger team covering more areas, editorial calendar software may be essential.

Getting started with your calendar

As with any content plan, you need to start out by thinking about your audience: What they want? What they are looking for? What content can solve their problems?

The best place to start with an editorial calendar is to map out the big, important holidays, season changes, and major events (these differ depending on your business.) You can plan quarterly or monthly themes which can then be broken down into smaller weekly tasks with clearly detailed goals with corresponding deadlines which all contribute to a site’s SEO working most effectively.

Here at SEO Enterprise we put together comprehensive editorial calendars for all of our clients.    

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