A Glossary of Important SEO Terms

Here at SEO Enterprise, we work closely with our clients in order to ensure that they understand the changes that are made during their campaign. After all, it is not uncommon for industry experts to alienate their customers by using specialist terminology without a thorough explanation. In order to ensure that our readers understand the basics of SEO, we’ve decided to go over a handful of unusual terms and what they mean. Read on to find out more….

301 Redirect: A redirect happens when a user visits a page but is immediately taken to a different one and can happen for a variety of different reasons. In layman’s terms, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirection and tells the search engine that the URL of a page has been changed completely.

Canonical Tag: In HTML, there are a wide range of tags that are used in order to tell a search engine how to process information. A canonical tag is utilised in order to make the search engine aware that it is viewing duplicated content and where the original information can be found. As a result, that page is not ranked in the SERPs and a campaign is not affected by ranking penalisations.

Robots.txt: An important file in SEO is known as a robots.txt and it tells a search engine which parts of a blog are restricted. This can prevent the search engine spiders from viewing unnecessary pages, such as admin pages, that can affect the way that content is indexed by the search engine. After all, having too many pages can be just as bad as having too little pages.

XML Sitemap: Another file in SEO is an XML sitemap which gives the search engine a map of all the different URLS that a blog contains. After all, this allows the spiders to index content much faster and help a website rank more effectively. With this said, it can be difficult to create without a plug-in.

Although it is not necessary for the clients of an active SEO campaign to understand every single phrase that is utilised by our technicians, the team here at SEO Enterprise believe that a basic understanding can improve the results that are obtained considerably. After all, customers are less likely to question the decisions of the technician when they understand why certain changes are being implemented. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO in Perth and speak to a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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