3 Characteristics of Content in SEO

Here at SEO Enterprise, we try to cover all the bases when formulating a campaign and putting it into action. After all, many technicians will often focus on one component whilst neglecting many others. Content is thought to be ‘king’ in the world of SEO because it has the power to make or break an entire marketing strategy and that is why we have decided to go over three important characteristics that SEO optimised blogs and articles should always have…


For many years, there was a loophole in SEO that allowed content writers to upload articles about topics that didn’t have any relevance to the services that a website offered but still rank favourably in the SERPs. Luckily, the search engine algorithms have rectified this injustice in order to ensure that every site has an equal opportunity to rank at the number one spot. After all, relevance is important in SEO content because it ensures that users are receiving high-quality information from a search query.


Black-hat techniques are those which are used with malicious intentions in order to hoodwink the search engine and obtain an unfair advantage in the SERPs. During the 90’s, techniques that are now considered black-hat were used in abundance, however SEO in 2020 is strict and fair. In fact, duplicated content can be spotted by the search engine spiders faster than it can be edited or removed which is why all blogs and articles should always be a copywriters’ original work.


Writing content specifically for SEO involves the implementation of targeted keywords in order to encourage the search engine to boost a website’s rank in the SERPs. With this said, some copywriters use so many techniques that the articles lose their tone and fluency, making it impossible for users to read and understand. As a result, content should always be legible and written using grammatically correct punctuation and phrases in order to encourage ranking increases.

In SEO, content can be implemented in a variety of different ways such as via blogs, articles and item descriptions. With this said, it is vital that the information is worded in a way that is synonymous with the algorithms that are in place on the search engines. After all, duplicated content and keyword stuffing are black-hat techniques that will lead to ranking penalisations, and a lack of fluency can cause Google to flag content as spam. To find out more information, get in contact with our SEO Perth copywriting team at SEO Enterprise today!

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