The Lowdown on Black-Hat SEO

Although it may seem like a relatively new approach, search engine optimisation has been around for at least three decades and is considered one of the most effective marketing industries on the market. With this said, there is a dark side to the industry that manages to sway a small number of technicians with the […]

The Importance of Organic Traffic

Every SEO campaign is implemented with the intention to increase the ranking of a website in the SERPs where it can obtain more organic traffic and receive a more economically beneficial number of conversions. With this said, it is important that marketers and clients understand what organic referrals are and why this type of traffic […]

3 Facts About the Google Panda Algorithm

Although Google tends to remain rather quiet on the subject of its algorithms, there are certain ones that are well-known in the marketing industry. In fact, the Panda algorithm played a powerful role in the way that webpages are ranked in the SERPs and managed to revolutionise the way that content was crafted by copywriters. […]