Why is increasing organic traffic so important

Your business website will receive traffic from a number of areas, but the largest portion of that traffic will always find its way to you via search engines.

Search engines have become the go to method of finding pretty much everything. From services to products, by appearing in a high position for any given keyword, you are essentially given an endorsement, or a seal of approval, from that search engine that you are exactly what the individual is looking for.

Organic traffic can be one of the most fruitful forms of marketing, but it can be a difficult area to get right.

What is organic traffic?

Whereas direct traffic is categorised by those who search your company directly, mostly by typing your URL into their browser. Although this is the most direct way to shop online for anything, many people don’t know the best companies for every given product or service, therefore, they require a little extra assistance. To do this they search what they are looking for, rather than a company name, into a search engine like Google: this is known as organic traffic.

Organic traffic and SEO

Having potential customers find you based on search results is obviously an ideal situation. You type in a product that you are looking for and as if by magic, your company pops up right before their eyes. It sounds idyllic to every company. In order to be that company that appears at the top of page one, rather than another competitor, you need to rate highly first. How do you get your company to rate highly on search engine results pages? With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO industries were created for the very purpose of improving SERP rankings for companies of all sizes to help them compete in the new era of marketing. Not only is SEO the most effective way of improving organic traffic, it is also one of the most cost-effective methods available from modern day digital marketing agencies.

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