SEO for business growth

The main bulk of content on any business website is made up of text, images and video. All of which need to be optimised in order to show up in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. With search engines becoming the most popular way for people to discover new and existing businesses, it is more important than ever for your company to rank highly on these search engine results pages.

If you don’t rank on the first page, you are very unlikely to be found as less than 80% of people who search online scroll far enough to reach page number two.

How can rating high in the SERPs help your business grow?

Improve visibility

It is with good reason that more companies are choosing to invest in SEO. Without effective SEO campaigns in place, businesses tend to fall behind their rivals due to lack of exposure in the SERPs, lack of visibility on social media platforms and lack of incoming traffic to their website.

Increase traffic and conversions

SEO is not only there to increase the amount of traffic that reaches your website. Yes, with increased traffic, conversion rates will rise (hopefully) but not by much. Your site’s conversion rate is the measure of the amount of people who buy your product or purchase your services after they visit your website compared against the total number of people who visit your website.

Some of these visitors will leave straight away; others will peruse your website without eventually buying anything; some will make a purchase. By bringing in the ‘right’ type of viewers – by ‘right’ we mean the targeted potential customers who are more likely to buy your products or services – you are much more likely to convert than if you simply try to just boost your traffic.

Boost Your Brand

When your business improves its visibility in the public eye, it has a positive knock-on effect on your brand. People become more aware of your brand and who you are as a company; they start to think of you first when in need of a certain service or product. This can only be achieved when your brand is out there for all to see on a regular basis. Which is achieved, firstly, through using SEO to improve your sites visibility on search engines.

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