Essential SEO tools for building links

Link building practices are constantly evolving in the world of SEO. To keep up with these shifts, agencies like us need to find new tools in order to operate.

The process of link building can be time consuming for any agency, and with little time to spare, agencies are constantly researching essential SEO tools that can help them speed up their processes.

There are plenty of tools out there; some are free to use whilst others have a more premium package available that will cost you either a monthly or annual fee. Some may seem a little expensive, but these tools are considered an investment to SEO agencies who wish to provide the best service.


Although quite an expensive monthly expense for smaller agencies, (a standard package will set you back $179 per month) Ahrefs has grown into one of the most essential tools in the SEO arsenal. It provides extensive detail on a number of factors and sets them out in a way that is simple to understand, even for those who aren’t so tech savvy.

Two of Ahref’s most useful applications are its ability to identify competitors most linked content and to identify types of sites that link to content you will produce. Identifying your competitor’s links may seem a waste of time, but it is actually time well spent when looking for healthy links. Single links demonstrate a loyalty or relationship that will probably count a potential link out, but someone linked to two competitors shows a more positive chance of gaining a link for yourself.


Before you can build links you first have to find them, which can be the most difficult part. BuzzSumo helps build comprehensive lists of bloggers, influencers and authors that relate to your clients. BuzzSumo’s two most useful aspects are: Identifying authors and identifying sharers/backlinkers. Packages from BuzzSumo range from $99-$499+ per month.


Email is going to be your most important communication method when sourcing links but keeping track of all your ongoing conversations can be difficult. This is where BuzzStream steps in. BuzzStream is essentially an outreach platform that creates the most succinct way of organising your email outreach; firstly by finding you contact info for bloggers from your chosen niche; and secondly, connecting to your email and compartmentalising each discussion so you can easily see all email correspondence with each individual.

Here at SEO Enterprise we are constantly researching new link building tools in order to create healthy links for all our clients. For more information on SEO in Brisbane and how you can utilise link building to increase your organic website traffic, contact the team today. 

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